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Plastic Pull Tight Seals

plastic-pull-tight-sealplastic-pull-tight-seal – Red
plastic-strip-sealplastic-pull-tight-seal – Yellow
pull-tight-sealplastic-pull-tight-seal – Blue
plastic-pull-tight-sealsplastic-pull-tight-seal – In diffrent colors

Plastic Pull Tight Seals is widely used seal and it is adjustable in length as per requirement and easy to Sealing bags, Trucks, Godowns, Sample packets, Fire extinguisher, Tankers, Containers etc.

Pull tight seals are available as single piece, which achieve good levels of security, or can incorporate special inserted locking jaws which achieve a higher level of security.

Seal Embossed with company name and serial number.

Seal available in different colors ie: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Green and Orange etc.