Manufacturer of Security Seals

Security Container Seal


  • Security Container seals also known’s in name of Bottle seal or Bolt seal.
  • Container seal has made in two parts male and female part. In female part prints company name and serial number. Container seal available in various colors as red, yellow,blue,green,orange etc.
  • Container seal has heavy metallic locking arrangement and it used in container, godown etc.
  • For unsealing the container seal use heavy seal cutter for cutting the male part of seal.

Technical Details

Model : DSE-C01
Material : Polyproplene
Print : By Hot stamping or laser engraving (Company name , Serial number & Barcode)
Color : Red, Yellow, Blue, Green or any customized color.
Tensile Strength :
  • 10 Seals into a polybag
  • 10 polybag in jumbo bag
  • Net weight : 5 Kg. ( App.)
Application : Container, Godowns etc.